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Wick Marina - Highland


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Image uploaded on 8. Nov 2023


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In strong easterly winds it becomes difficult to enter the bay an d the harbour. The entry is a little bit tricky and you should call the HM with VHF, because the high breakwaters hide the ships leaving the harbour. If the HM do not answer, make a call for all ships, that you enter or leave the harbour. Due to the wind farms there is some traffic. The harbour is surrounded by a nice Cafe', some Restaurants and severals pubs, 5-10 min to go. Supermarkets are far away (20-30 min). A walk around the bay is very nice. The people in the pub made me feel very welcome. The harbormaster was 2023 Ian Cormack and was very helpful. A near by museum about the history of Wick is very good.

1 x helpful | written on 8. Nov 2023 | updated_on 8. Nov 2023